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What's Stage

We have divided the task into a workflow with stages as granularity, so that the application can obtain output images by combining different stages according to its own scenarios. Based on the processing flow, we have defined basic types for stages to identify what program should be used to process the images.

Introduction to Basic Stage Types


Input initialization stage, used to input necessary parameters for generating images.

  • Seed: Initialize the canvas with a random seed.
  • ImageResourceId: Initialize the canvas with an image.
  • Count: Number of output images.


Diffusion stage, used to generate basic images based on the basic parameters (width, height, steps, prmopts) and the selection of Base Model, LoRA, Controlnet, etc.


ADETAILER (AFTER DETAILER) is mainly used to save time for quick redrawing and repairing of faces or hands.


Upscale the image for super-resolution scaling.


Redraw specific parts of the image.

Use a diagram to describe the processing flow of a group of stages using one image